Can’t complain

I can not complain.

At least, not anymore. I might have had reasons earlier, but not now. Yes, people were not the way I expected them to be but so was I ( call it even ;) ). Yes, I have failed in most of the tests life has thrown at me. And yes no, I am not depressed. Or high ;)

For the record, am a normal, average person with issues. Not everything is going the way I would have wanted. )

But am not tired, or exhausted. I can try harder next time right?

PS- had an exam,which I might clear. But it was far from satisfying.

Sort-of-a birthday

Today is a special day. Fateful, yet special ( funny, how this doesn’t seem right :\ Almost like having a cockroach shaped chocolate ). Something happened on this date two years back, and although I wouldn’t say it changed the course of my life- it did pull me out of depression. I had just been dumped by someone at the altar, and I was contemplating becoming a buddhist monk ( which would have been quite a thing, but maybe that can wait for some time ). Then this happened, and one thing led to another. And here we are, young and strong.

Not that much has changed since then. Something of that sort, or even worse, keeps happening every now and then but…at least, people- especially women- are choosing to talk about it. Actively.

Lot needs to be done, but there is hope.

Read, don’t share

I am not sure if I want to write this. No, really! Reason being that I have been there myself and I know how tempting it is.

But,I must.

Of late, am getting this feeling – and it is getting stronger- that people don’t read. Thanks to social networking sites, they just share. Share what, you might ask.

My answer is: nonsense.

They share quotes, which is preposterous, in my ever-so-humble opinion. Quote is a line from a book, or a statement by someone famous- with or without credits. I don’t have a problem with that, but don’t you need to have read the book? I mean what is a line bereft of context and character, and yes. Timeline.

I say, nothing.

It doesn’t matter what Nelson Mandela said unless you know the person he was and the circumstances under which he uttered those great words. Same goes for Gandhi, and for Luther King as well.

Maybe this need provision for context is what makes literature the life altering force that it is. Fine, I adored Lance Armstrong and his book till he confessed his misdeeds. If it were for one good line here or another there, it still is the same book. But what of the man? And since I know that Gandhi and Mandela lived by what they preached, their words still mean so much for the world.

Come to think of it, I rather like songs after I have seen videos…just to get a handle of the situation maybe. Not sure.

But of course, people don’t have time to read these days. 10 quotes from Ayn Rand and everyone knows thinks I read Ayn Rand. But have I really? Or, to paraphrase: do I want to be known as a well read person, or be one?

In that context, it is heartening to see Srishti take up reading challenges (which more of us should). Letizia‘s blog will amaze you to know how people around the globe…read. Its always a pleasure to know that people are spending more time with books than sharing. Moreover, if you really read something…I mean, for real…then you will be changed by what you read. Can people risk doing that ;)

more often?

Leap of faith

Not that I don’t want to update my second favourite space on web more often, it is probably the enormity of stuff that I have gotten myself into, which is.. choking me. There is so much that comes up- often, too much- that I want to write…to the future-me, who could one day smile and wonder about the time of my life that am having. I mean…really!

No. I am not employed. I am still broke. But I have read more books, seen more of Delhi- in more ways than one, met interesting people and…lived, to tell the tale. Isn’t that something to be happy about? I do want to travel the world part of Europe India, read the books that are being written these days ( and not just the classics, which engage me ) and maybe…listen to Opera and learn a bit of Piano myself. These are not abandoned pursuits, and I feel inching closer to everything that I ever dreamt of, but it is not bad to take a pause and appreciate a humble ( and eventful ) life. Isn’t it?

One thing that I have realised since I got hit, is that there always is someone or something exactly the way you want. I mean however crazy your conception of love might be, or however impossible it might seem- there is always someone who would be out there. Always. Question is whether I am willing to wait :) Remember that demand-supply theory from economics? One must desire… strongly, and wait.

But of course, not like those who put up pictures on facebook and refresh :D

Maybe I am being shade over-extrapolative, and could be proven wrong in times to come- which has happened more than once :) But… I am willing to take what is called Leap of faith.

Leap of faith

And, as you already have guessed by now… I am fine :)


I am alive, if that’s what you are wondering ( haven’t been off WordPress for such a long time- though I do comment here and there once in a while ). But that aside, I have to tell admit that the spectrum of experience am being subjected to is…fascinating. I wish I could sit and pen everything thats hitting me.

I wish.

Beautiful things don’t seek attention

Or, at least, not everything beautiful should be captured by ink and paper. However, the part of us which lives through it knows well that things are never going to be the same again.

And thankfully so.