Shit people say

….When they breakup :

  1. You deserve someone better ( THAT, is actually correct though in a completely different way ;) )…
  2. You were not happy with me ( and you knew it all along? So generous to have tolerated me for such a long time )…
  3. I can’t leave my parents/brother ( which is a new addition ), and since they don’t approve of youwhich is has become important to me, even though I started without their prior-permission :) )…
  4. Its not something I am doing for myself ( except I have found a more lucrative alternative, and will hop onto that :D. OR wait, I think I have already been seeing other people )…
  5. You never loved me. Rather, you only loved yourself ( could have saved a lot of time, but of course )…
  6. I wish you best of the luck for your endeavours ( and the depression. Seriously, who cares for the good wishes! )
  7. You are a wonderful person ( You don’t say! )

Had to put all the jokes at the same place ;)

Source:- personal experiences ;)

PS- do suggest, if you have seen something even more absurd.

What keeps me up

Funny,  if you ask me that.
People think about past relationships, and the times they had, at that hour when they can’t sleep.

I spent an hour more than a couple of hours thinking about how we can make better apps in Android , and… Reincarnation 😁

And, I have had my share of relationships relationshits yes ;) What is wrong with me? :P
Any mind readers here?

So I was saying…

I am a bit surprised by the way I handled (or to be honest,  refused to handle) the latest you-know-what.  Reason being history.  My history of being an emotionally vulnerable person.  I am known to be unsettled by issues as insignificant and remote as slow internet,  politically vitriolic statements of leaders, bad lunch and so on and so forth. But its amazing how Nothing seems to provoke me of late.

There is one other development which makes me think so. Of the people who had heartbreaks in recent times around me,  in addition to me and my baby brother (same story as me,  girl ran away at the last moment), there is this friend who takes me as her brother.  She has the same educational qualification as me and is, in fact, smarter and more sensible than me. Her three year relationship ended a month back on a bitter note, and since then we have become close: because of shared destinies maybe ;). I look out for her, and it feels good to be there for her. I even asked her to be my valentine this year- its not only boyfriends and husbands who can love women right :) . I have always longed for a sister, because I have none and there are no cousins that close either. But it so happens that almost everyone who came around on that pretext, turned out to be a big disappointment. Am amazed that only this time around I am not expecting much from her.  This zero expectation scenario is what everyone talked about in those thick philosophy books, didn’t they? Well, too early to say but I think am doing good so far.

For some weird,  inexplicable reason I feel good… Peace.  Or that state of indifference, I don’t know. Maybe that is what lies beyond disappointments and failures.

Whatever it is, I would take it gladly.

Here, and now!

Yeah well..  I took my time, didn’t I ;)  A man should, after all,  know when to pause. So yes, I did some soul searching, and rest assured : am not done yet :)

But of course, things need to change course. Clearly, it is not helping anybody. So…  I did try to measure options that I have, before I take the plunge. All I can say is that I know what am doing.

How have you been all?
There are elections scheduled in Delhi, and as you can imagine,  I have something to do with that :D Let’s see how that goes.

Over and out

I mean, for this year ;)

So how was this year, for you? Maybe you can do a post on it and explain in some detail (and pingback me). But if you are not going to do that, do let me know here itself. Would love to know about it.

I love to look back and brood reflect on what hit me in the past. Even at the cost of getting a little low ( from the not-so-uplifting experiences ), it is worth the shot.

Knowing what not to do is equally, if not more , important than knowing what to do.

For me, I love the way I am shaping up. I am in the best shape of my life, read more books than yesteryear, survived a relationship and of course, got closer to what I eventually want to do. Putting it that way, there was nothing that bad. Of course, I lost some more friends and relatives ( lets just say..they don’t like me anymore ) which is fine by every standard. I rather be a red entry than just being in some ever-expanding-anonymous list.

But the biggest upside of the gone-by year has been a growing realisation of what I am. Of the countless traits that enunciated themselves over the year, this is what I would want to work upon: I have a mild OCD when it comes to doing something. I just can’t let go even if the investment is giving negative returns. There has been some upgrades in that regard ,but am largely down with that :(

What to do next year?

  1. study
    1. as if this is the last year of my life studies ( which it actually is )
  2. read more books
  3. explore more of Delhi
    1. blog more under the Delhi Escapades
    2. click more pictures
  4. get the dream body by year-end
    1. eat clean
    2. no alcohol ( this year, I had twice :( )
    3. don’t skip gym
  5. Improve my French
  6. No movies in theatre
    1. yeah well… can’t afford that anymore.
  7. Talk less, and listen more
    1. they tell me am a good listener, but I want to be a better one.
  8. And of course, please… don’t fall for anyone :P

May the odds be ever in my favor.