Women’s Day

International Women’s Day. Or,so is it called. I don’t quite like the idea of having specific days of year to commemorate a category as significant as theirs.I mean who is to stop them other days of the year- Nobody, if it comes down to that ! But that apart, this is how March 8th is and I can’t do very much.

I can,however, talk about someone (other than my mum- who is an incredible woman for more reasons than one) who happens to be part of…inner circle, or something like that.

I bumped onto her in 2008, and there wasn’t much common between us. She used to photoshoot across the globe and I was an arrogant college student. She was goodlooking and I was…well…lets just not insult anyone ;). But all this apart, we both were passionate about India. We liked to read and had a natural curiosity for things around. I liked to question and she had a way of explaining things rationally. We were in relationships with people back then – which didn’t work out, eventually. However, She got married in 2012 ( and what a wedding it was ) and for some reason, I felt really really happy.

I have seen friends change for worse (read, become boring) after marriage, but she remains the exception till date. In fact, it only got better since then. She is someone I seek counsel from in matters as diverse as career and relationships. One can say that she embodies my idea of perfect woman. And to see her transform into a wife, has been an absolute pleasure.

This IWD, I would like to wish her all the luck from this bit of webverse. As things stand today, I would choose her friendship over any relationshit I have been into! But of course, I don’t need to make any such choice ;)


I have known this for quite sometime now. There is no reasonable explanation either. But in spite of the  glaring realities that I confront- read relationship and employment status-it is true nonetheless.

this little part of my life…this little part… is called….happiness

And I can’t help but wonder, whether any of this was possible if I hadn’t been through what I actually went through.

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Shit people say

….When they breakup :

  1. You deserve someone better ( THAT, is actually correct though in a completely different way ;) )…
  2. You were not happy with me ( and you knew it all along? So generous to have tolerated me for such a long time )…
  3. I can’t leave my parents/brother ( which is a new addition ), and since they don’t approve of youwhich is has become important to me, even though I started without their prior-permission :) )…
  4. Its not something I am doing for myself ( except I have found a more lucrative alternative, and will hop onto that :D. OR wait, I think I have already been seeing other people )…
  5. You never loved me. Rather, you only loved yourself ( could have saved a lot of time, but of course )…
  6. I wish you best of the luck for your endeavours ( and the depression. Seriously, who cares for the good wishes! )
  7. You are a wonderful person ( You don’t say! )

Had to put all the jokes at the same place ;)

Source:- personal experiences ;)

PS- do suggest, if you have seen something even more absurd.

What keeps me up

Funny,  if you ask me that.
People think about past relationships, and the times they had, at that hour when they can’t sleep.

I spent an hour more than a couple of hours thinking about how we can make better apps in Android , and… Reincarnation 😁

And, I have had my share of relationships relationshits yes ;) What is wrong with me? :P
Any mind readers here?