Trust me- I have done this since class 10th whenever mum asked about my love life😉



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Lol. This is kind of embarrassing. I don’t like to stick around, except for people who mean something to me. But given the day and age, I will happily take this.

Also, it is kind of ironic that this comes a day after I posted my Insta-suicide 😉

Been an absolute pleasure so far!


It seems, I have lost interest in Instagram.

Just like that.

Not that this hasn’t happened to me earlier, but somehow I feel this is different. I have been off Facebook for quite sometime now ( 1st January. New year resolution 😛 ), and it is possible that I might end up deleting Instagram account  as well. Professional compulsion? Can’t say.

I have made some incredible fitness-friends there though, and will miss them. They are smart and don’t just show off their marriage/baby pictures ( absolutely love the latter though 😀 ). My problem is that most of those from earlier networks did just that. I mean who cares which silly European place you were, or how costly was your lehenga or how mesmerizing was your wedding pandaal.

I have long judged the relevance, and hence significance, of events on the impact they have on me in the long run. So, for me the question remains: how does that trip to Germany/lehenga/pandaal change you?*

Truth is, nobody cares. Including them. Even if they have seen The Fight Club, they yearn to become feel unique which is OK. What is not ok is the fact that in this quest, they resort to buying ‘add-ons’. This, I believe, is plain lazy.

So, my prescription ( for myself ) is this: I, as person, must continue to focus on things money can’t buy. My relationship with barbell, squat-rack, and People is a manifestation of that philosophy.

Seems to be working out very well, so far.

*( Pictures of roads/mountains/buildings don’t count 😀 )


People have brothers. But I have one who idolizes me. It is a privilege, and a responsibility. I remember he kept my framed photo in his hostel room (on study table).

But as i grow old, I realise this is like a free market economy. The more he expects from me, the better I become. And, vice versa. Pretty much in line with the first law of thermodynamics, as far as I remember.😉

So, this whole situation is not entirely of my own making. But yes, I admit , it helps when people believe in you.

It is not everyday that your sibling calls and commends the way you have pushed yourself in the field within 15 days of a major accident.

I didn’t know what to say.

मैंने जीवन देखा, जीवन का गान किया।

Crazy times!

Even by my standards, this has been the most bizarre fortnight or so. Of course, acciedents are supposed to be freakish- but this was certainly beyond that, if I may say so. It is not everyday that you get hit while standing on the pavement afterall😉

But as I weather this storm, it seems my priorities have been messed up for quite sometime now. Spending time and energy on useless projects while depriving myself the simple pleasures of life. I mean what if that stupid lady-driver had chosen me, instead of the guy who died on-the-spot?

Fuck! That was close.

But I had to stop mum from coming here to see me. She is far too innocent to understand why I need to see this through on my own.

Nothing ever just happens afterall.

Not for everyone

I am aware of the two schools of thought about art. But in my humble opinion, true genius does not always seek maximum attention. I mean Biscopewala is difficult to start- no big names, not much publicity. But if you have that activation energy which gets you to the theatre, you will be amazed by how beautiful this film is. I have read Rabindra Nath Tagore’s original work, and this definitely is a fascinating adaptation. Sensory delight.

Then there is A prayer before Dawn! Definitely not the weak hearted. But what a movie it is. The screenplay, the background score, the character Billy…

I feel am lucky to stumble onto such pieces of work. But of course, I have constantly been looking for them😉