is the adjective we use for something we don’t mind going back to over and over. Like Atlas Shrugged, Gulaab Jamun, The lord of the rings movie series or even that street where you spent so much time as a kid. Classic, and others know how fond of it you already are.

Of course, for some classic might be Shakespeare, while mine would be Dostoyevsky or Lenin. A lot depends on the kind of person you grew up to be ( or, are still coming to be Winking smile ) and the kind of stuff you surrounded yourself with. Or, it surrounded you- for no fault of yours Open-mouthed smile. Either way, it ends up shaping you in a particular way, which is how the nature-vs-nurture debate starts off. But that apart, are there some universal  classics, which most, if not all, would agree to?

I wonder.

Anyway… so, here I am.

PS- sometimes, it is better to leave some questions unanswered… like why should I get married or Who is John Gault Smile with tongue out


What do YOU think ?

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