Theatre: The Delivery Man (2013)

I am, and I have been for as far as I can remember, a movie buff. In fact, my mother used to take me to theatre as a toddler ( she tells me the stories of movies she saw holding me in her lap ) – couldn’t have missed out on the fun just because she had a baby afterall Winking smile So, yes… I have been thoroughly trained, and bred, to love movies. A lot of us see movies as commodities to be consumed for entertainment. We watch the movie, and move on to do other things in life, which are all seemingly much more important, and serious.

Not me.

I watch a movie, and a week later, you will find me hungover ( of course, the movie has to be a little tolerable. I still dread The Requiem for a dream ). To me, it is art waiting to be experienced and assimilated. Probably the next best thing to books ( which are not constrained by the vision of director and scriptwriter ). But in spite of all its limitations, movies are what keeps me ticking in the best, and the worst, of times. Almost everywhere I have been to, every city, I have made sure to watch a movie there. At least. It is almost like visiting a church or temple, if you please.

On second thoughts, it is exactly like visiting a church or temple.

Moving on, I have come to think that because of the things I have gotten myself into ( and this is going to stay ), it gets difficult to talk about my personal and professional life. So, why not pen down what I feel about the movies I come to see- what I liked or didn’t like. Seems like a good idea, at least at the moment.

So here we go.

I watched this movie quite some time back, and considered as one of the few movies in Hollywood inspired from a Bollywood flick- it is not bad. In fact, it adds so many layers to the original Hindi movie.

An affable underachiever finds out he’s fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.

I quite like the lead actor ( have seen him in a lot of comedy movies ). He is energetic, loud and speaks dialogues in one single push. I like that because, maybe, I speak like that as well Winking smile But that apart, the way he evolves in the movie from a reckless and beaten down person to someone who owns upto the reality that has come to be… it is incredible. He might not show a lot of emotions, but he does make the point very well.

I do not intend to write a professional movie review here: for that, I need to be paid Smile with tongue out ( have done that back in college days ). But if you can, do check the movie out.

PS: there was this song as part of OST, which I absolutely love


What do YOU think ?

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