Theatre: Philadelphia

It is a little old-ish (read classic) , but if you are born in the 80s- or earlier- you must have seen this. I mean who doesn’t love the casting song ( Streets of Philadelhia by Bruce ). Pure bliss right? I am yet to see a better start for a movie this intense.

Putting Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks, is like adding chocolate and strawberry, to the same ice-cream. Of course, I have a bias for movies rooted in serious issues. But that apart, you will still love the way chemistry evolves between the lead actors. How Denzel overcomes his own bias, and how Tom Hanks adapts to his new situation…couldn’t have thought of anyone else playing these roles.

In the end, you would dearly want Hanks to live, but then… it is not bollywood Winking smile Now, explain to me as you would explain to a child,  do you still think movies are just for entertainment? Open-mouthed smile


What do YOU think ?

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