…to the new beginnings.

Not that I haven’t done this before ( the whole making-previous-posts-private  thing ), but it seems like a great idea: to live one year at a time.

blog resolution

As someone who has been able to stick with resolutions whole year round, I refuse to give in to the widespread skepticism ( around resolutions in general, and the new year ones in particular ). Hence, the post.

Writing down helps. Keeps you accountable and helps with the course correction if need be.

PS- Zombie-Relationships… I am a fan of zombie movies actually ( World War Z, Train to Busan and so on and so forth )- not so much of the people though. I can’t just be a ‘once in a while‘ or ‘in touch‘ person.

PPS- didn’t know how to define ‘whatever’ Open-mouthed smile


9 thoughts on “Cheers

    • Hello there 🙂 Am great. Been sometime since I heard from you. You still 17, I hope. World could use a bit more innocence…

      Well… Given my personality type, I am “destined” to be an addict. Trying my best to change all that 😀

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      • Haha, wish I could be forever 17. I am ageing now, those were the days I was striving to get into a law school and now I am a lawyer lol

        ‘Destined to be an addict’ – and yet you crack me up again. You have a way with your humour, dude (lol)


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        • To me, you still are. 17 🙂 It is a magical number afterall 🙂 I am happy to know that you are aspiring for a career in law. am sure you will do great. Could very well be the next Saumya Siddiqui ( from Veer Zaara 😉 )


          • Haha, your obsession with movies, I tell you 😂😂

            Thank you for the well-wishes. How are you? How has life been treating you?

            Is 17 really a magical number? It’s a prime number, for sure (lol)



            • I am watching fewer these days ( if you can believe that ). But the cinephile that I am, even that is beyond the ‘normal’ 😉 Would you believe me if I told you that I judge a city by the theatres it has 😉
              Life is… fun, in more ways than one 😛 Find and follow me on insta.My life is all splattered there 😀 I like showing off you know… ( old people can’t help it )


              • ‘Judge a city by the theatres it have’ — oh my gracious goodness 😂😂 – why did you never try your luck in movies if you were/are that big of a cinephile?

                Haha, find you on insta? My stalking skills aren’t that exceptional. Provide me with a username and I will track you down after lol



                • Oh come on. For that, you need the looks- and a Godfather 😉 My father is a poor man 😀 Plus, they have a short career 😦
                  Arre.. *sri.tatsat* without the astricks.I took vacation from fb..Too much family there 😀 Was not able to show off to my heart’s content..


                  • Haha, don’t tell me that one needs to be a looker. I mean the successful actors aren’t exactly the lookers. They are charmers too and charisma has nothing to do with physical features.

                    Haha, that’s what people has been doing lol Will search you and stalk you lol



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