The marriage thing

As it turns out, my brothers (cousin) are getting married. Apparently, I should be worried and ashamed, if people are to be taken seriously 😉


Yes, I think the boy getting married today has done well. But that is because it is a love marriage- and I have a solemn respect for anyone who makes a choice on his/her own. Whether they handle it well, or not, is none of my business ( I analyse and make fun of it anyway. all for fun )

But that ideological angle apart, I think people don’t realise what all is possible by prolonging this unmarried stretch like a boss! The other day, I realised my biggest worries are: communalisation and politicisation of Indian society, declining civic sense in Delhi, finding a new gym and learning Tamil. That is all 🙂 The point is, the profile of concerns in life shifts when you get married.

I would hate that.

To quote HRB,

मैं कभी, कहीं पर सफ़र ख्‍़ात्‍म कर देने को

तैयार सदा था, इसमें भी थी क्‍या मुश्किल;

चलना ही जिका काम रहा हो दुनिया में

हर एक क़दम के ऊपर है उसकी मंज़‍िल;

जो कल मर काम उठाता है वह पछताए,
कल अगर नहीं फिर उसकी क़‍िस्‍मत में आता;
मैंने कल पर कब आज भला बलिदान किया।
मैंने जीवन देखा, जीवन का गान किया।

But what about love?


The whole things only get better theory I so ardently believe in, still holds for me. I have been lucky. 



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