Wishin’ n Hopin’

Oh right!

A couple of days back, I realised I have become possessed by the very demons I have cheated tried to cheat since 2010. Cosumerism.

But of course, there is hope.

Instead of ordering something silly, I ended up getting these babies from the latest sale online.

Fuck. I missed this.


10 thoughts on “Wishin’ n Hopin’

    • Thank you Arch 🙂 Will try writing whatever little I can about them for sure. I am not much of a book review guy, because I take years to grasp a book in totality. I like to test whatever it is presented in the book over time, and revisit the lines as and when life permits… But of course, I can jot a few lines 🙂
      I have been good. Losing track, finding it and then moving ahead 😉 Rest assured, am as vicious as I have ever been 😉 How are you??


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