It seems, I have lost interest in Instagram.

Just like that.

Not that this hasn’t happened to me earlier, but somehow I feel this is different. I have been off Facebook for quite sometime now ( 1st January. New year resolution 😛 ), and it is possible that I might end up deleting Instagram account  as well. Professional compulsion? Can’t say.

I have made some incredible fitness-friends there though, and will miss them. They are smart and don’t just show off their marriage/baby pictures ( absolutely love the latter though 😀 ). My problem is that most of those from earlier networks did just that. I mean who cares which silly European place you were, or how costly was your lehenga or how mesmerizing was your wedding pandaal.

I have long judged the relevance, and hence significance, of events on the impact they have on me in the long run. So, for me the question remains: how does that trip to Germany/lehenga/pandaal change you?*

Truth is, nobody cares. Including them. Even if they have seen The Fight Club, they yearn to become feel unique which is OK. What is not ok is the fact that in this quest, they resort to buying ‘add-ons’. This, I believe, is plain lazy.

So, my prescription ( for myself ) is this: I, as person, must continue to focus on things money can’t buy. My relationship with barbell, squat-rack, and People is a manifestation of that philosophy.

Seems to be working out very well, so far.

*( Pictures of roads/mountains/buildings don’t count 😀 )


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