I am…


First things first- Thank you for coming over to my blog because I know how difficult it is to listen these days.

I am Tatsat. I must admit that we write these meaningless about me-s ,every now and then, on these sites which… how should we say it… which claim to make the world a better and smaller place :P. I did the same too. But the moment we sit down to define who we are, don’t we put the chipmunk in the bottle ? I believe we do. So what I say is this :

We are, what we are known to be, 25 years after we are gone

and till then, lets continue changing things, shall we ?

PS- 25 happens to be my favourite number. Hence the preference 🙂

PPS- inspired by my very good friend Mi


* Update (November the 27th,2012) *

As it turns out, I am also the guy who does not like stability much. Even if something is good, I would go on to spoil it and look for alternatives 😦


*Update (December the 6th 2012) *

Just realised, I can live without Pizza ! What a relief 😛


*Update (December the 18th 2012) *

As it turns out, losing time/ money/ hair ( or all of these at the same time 😉 ) makes me happy 😉 Shaved my head ( well almost… ) after reading a news item on Indian politics and economy


*Update (January the 12th 2013) *

The guy who is going to keep mustache, just for the hell of it 😛


*Update ( February the 10th 2013 ) *

And, I am truly and rightly lost


*Update (April the 3rd 2013 )*

What an incredible movie they can make out of my life story! Just wondering. Someday, I am going to write it down.


*Update (April the 28th 2013)*

There is no going back on what I am becoming. Absolutely out of control, and that is a good thing 😉

^^ This thing that I did right here, is what I am.

Go figure.

*Update (November the 16th 2013)*

Time to update 😉 Newfound obsession- health, or more precisely fitness. Small aim is a crime, Kalam said 🙂

*Update (March the 26th 2014)*

I am a Leftist, most probably. People close to me have been saying so over quite some time. Not sure myself, but I can’t discount the possibility.

*Update ( April the 9th 2014 )

Shaved my head as a mark of silent protest against the kind of electoral choices we have for us. I mean come on !

*Update (May the 24th 2014 )

I believe we are entering what I like to call God-phase! Finally 🙂

*Update ( July the 21st, 2014 )

I am all my reasons. Nobody else.

*Update ( October the 20th, 2014 )

Just when I thought I had it all figured it out, BAM!

Love 🙂
( July the 25th,2015)

Nope. I was wrong about love, yet again. Phew!
But, I have found something even more fascinating I believe.

*Update ( March the 6th,2019 )

Whatever has been thrown to be in the last decade, it seems, I have inched towards what I want. This is turning out to be an incredible journey. Incredible, not easy 😅


90 thoughts on “I am…

  1. Hi Sattat, frederic from Rajasthan.
    I was curious to visit your blog after you left a ‘like’ on my ego article … Interesting place you have here. I was interested by your views on dynamicity and the series of accidents you describe as life. I would love to hear your views on this documentary.

    Unlocking the mystery
    also on Youtube

    and also, because you seem to be a cinephile, have a look at that one
    The privileged planet

    Hope we will be friends!


    • Welcome ! No you did not spoil the asthetics or anything like that. What good is asthetics if it stops people from speaking their mind 🙂 So don’t worry about that !

      Its good to see you here. I absolutely loved that post of yours, more so because I could relate to what was there. I happen to have a keen interest in psychology and hence the “ego” thing caught my attention 🙂

      Hoping to see more from your side 🙂


  2. What i think??? Well, loved it here 🙂 Thanks a ton for dropping by mine.. Woke up with your lovely comment 🙂
    Btw before i forget, 25 would be my favourite number soon 😛
    Will hang around here often 🙂 Keep it going!!!


    • Hey shruti 🙂
      Welcome to this slum of web which i call mine 🙂
      Well…25 was when I had the best year of my life. But that is subject to change for sure 🙂
      I do sincerely wish that the universe conjures a good enough reason for you too to love that number 😛


      • Ahhh!! I am glad you realized that was the best year of your life. Not all of us do.. We keep waiting for something better and unfortunately miss out the time which could have actually been the best 🙂 And yes, I am sure I would have a good enough reason 😀


  3. Hi Tatsat, thanks for hopping into my blog and leaving a warm comment. ‘We are, what we are known to be, 25 years after we are gone’ – profound thought, but then is there any point of thinking ‘about me’ now? Look forward to more interaction:)


  4. 🙂
    To begin with, I LOVE your name. Absolutely.
    The way you keep updating this section, quite deliberate of you. Of course, we evolve with time, but most of us erase the marks of old self but you don’t — Lovely!
    ‘Question Everything’ | You said it all.
    And, I’ll come to visit you more often.
    Much love.


    • Thank you so much. The credit must go to my Mother, who scanned sanskrit texts for a complicated name 🙂 But I don’t mind pretending as if I was worth the effort 😛

      That certainly is the intent. One can not resist evolution, and I personally am thankful that things do change. Would have been boring otherwise 🙂
      I make it a point to keep the older versions intact. Helps give some idea of the way we have come through times. Where we have been, what we have seen…

      Would be fun to have you around Roma :! Godspeed.


  5. Haha, this about me section is so apt!
    True, you rediscover yourself every single day.. and there are so many things that about yourself that you’re unknown to, but discover slowly..
    Great blog. 🙂


    • Exactly. One can not, in any way. define a dynamic entity in terms of a static definition. And, most of the times, it is only in the retrospect that we realise what we were earlier. So… why bother trying to fix a definition of sorts today 🙂

      Welcome Soham 🙂 Pleased to meet you 🙂 I am not able to locate your blog, if you have one. Would have been fun to know a bit more about you….
      A very happy new year to you, in advance 🙂


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  8. Hi Tatsat,

    Decided to stop by your blog today and glad I did. Nice posts and definitely from what I understand, you are well read and try to put it all out there for the reader too 🙂

    Would like to come back to read more sometimes.

    Ps. Thanks for stopping by my little blog space. It was encouraging!
    Pps. A little more “I am” on your blog would have been nice 😉


    • Welcome Stuti 🙂

      It is always nice to hear good things said about oneself, even moreso when you don’t deserve it 😉 I do read a lot of things, especially the ones which were never asked in exams or the ones which I could not flauntin front of anyone 😦

      The “I Am” part was shaping up pretty well actually. And, I would have been more than happy to write another 500-page-HarryPotter on myself. But, as you can guess, things happen and it is only in those times of distress that you realise what it is that truly defines us.

      It turns out, I didn’t even have one such thing on my list to talk about 😐 But, I am given to understand that it is a long and perilous journey. Will definitely ping you as soon as I find something that elementary about myself. Fair enough ? 🙂


    • Haha… I have to admit, crazy it is 🙂
      You have a beautiful blog as well. I am yet to scan it in total though. But I will 🙂 Would be fun to read your take on books. Used to be an avid read back in school days myself…


    • Haha 🙂 I have been called crazy quite a few times, but that happens when people get to know about my career choices. This is new 😀
      I am one of those who is not so sensitive with his hair you know… experiment a lot with my looks. Back in college days, I sported Ghajni-looks when they released that movie :P.
      As for the Pizza…well 🙂 It is just that I don’t have a company that enticing enough to make me break my rules 🙂 Been almost a year…


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  10. I have confession to make. I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now. I like what you write. More than that I like the way you build long conversations with readers in the comments section. It makes such an interesting read. But, I refrained myself from liking or commenting on any of your posts.

    Reasons –
    Most of the time I didn’t have anything profound enough to say.
    I write all mushy stuffs on my blog which is a big NO NO for you. I was a bit apprehensive.
    I thought I’d better off learning from you without having you know about it. Just like Eklayva did with Drona.

    But, for some strange reason today I am unable resist this urge to comment on your about page. I just wish to be a part of your blogging journey in a small way. 🙂 Can I?


    • Ohh that would be my pleasure entirely Allwin 🙂 Thank you so much first of all for the nice things you said for me. They mean a lot to me, especially when genuine compliments are hard to come by these days. People, unfortunately, tend to go by your resume and not the person you stand in front of them as… So, thank you for judging me by what I wrote around here 🙂

      You always have something to contribute Sir. Even if it seems wrong, or silly, you must speak your mind wherever you get a chance- least of all, here 🙂

      Mushy things are not bad. But the fact remains, there are those unfortunate ones who believe in those things and are proven wrong, like me 😀 For them, it becomes a sticking point, which they must fight for the rest of their lives 😦 But, even they know the world would be a dark and gloomy place without that bit of innocence…

      I am glad that you finally came up to comment here. Makes the whole blog worth the effort. Look forward to hearing more from you 🙂


      • Thank you Tatsat for being so nice to me and for welcoming me to your blog with open arms. 🙂
        Going forward I’ll make it a point speak my mind even if it seems silly or wrong.
        You think mushy things are not bad. I am super glad to know that. 😀
        I look ahead and hope for an eventful journey with you. 🙂


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  12. PPS- inspired by my very good friend Mi ………

    Ya Ouzaaaa.. 😀 Who would u scratch that off… 😛 Well.. I know lately I suck.. 😦 with all the negativity going on.. but stay inspired..ok?


    • It is. Come to think of it, I believe I will be disappointed if it gets static. Isn’t there something fascinating about constantly surprising oneself?

      Haha That, did happen. Couldn’t think of a better solo, non-violent protest. Lack of imagination 😉 I think it happened when RaGa took over, if my memory serves me right. Then of course, was the Ghajini wave as well- the only crazy guy in campus back in college days 😀


    • Thank you So much Nimmi 🙂 Glad to have you here.

      Well I am an aspiring writer, like so many around us. But just like them, “other” things have kept me off from active writing- like career 😛

      Will be coming around your blogspace more often 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are most welcome 🙂 Writing is a kind of feeling, flow it out whenever it comes. We all are in our learning stage. My best wishes will always be with you. Your presence makes me happy, feel free to come any time 🙂


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