New look!

and, new philosophy of course! This is much like graduation, when we start applying our lessons from school in the real world. As the election season looms in India, I believe we are ready to take that leap of faith. There are lot of things that remain unresolved, and even the once which are not- are bound to be challenged, and evolve with better understanding ( if I may be ambitious enough to claim so 😀 ).

But I must, for the sake of clarity, explain the changes- to the best of my abilities.

  • The site title and tagline : “सत्यम ब्रूयात…” is the Sanskrit translation of speak the truth. “अवश्यम ब्रूयात सत्यम अप्रियम” means we should definitely say the unpleasant truth– the one which others don’t want to hear. This is inspired from a sacred texts of Hinduism which goes something like this…


But in times like these, we do need to adapt a little. Hence, the modification 🙂

  • The HeaderWe read about the periodic tables back in school days ( and beyond, for the fateful few ). So, every element was represented by a chemical symbol giving information about its mass number, atomic number and charge, if any. This representation of truth, which is an element of our existence, means that the mass is infinite and has no charge: is neutral, or unbiased. Of course, I leeched this image from internet, but it makes perfect sense doesn’t it? We have seen Gandhi and Mandela fight, and win, fights beyond their personal strength ( the mass ). And if you have read their biographies, you know how people like these never made an attempt to hide embarrassing fact even about themselves ( the neutrality )!



I must also, however, admit that this title is used by Justice Katju. He is someone who I have long revered, for his passion to put things the way he sees them to be. He writes here and is probably the most well read person I have met. Should he come around to accuse me of stealing his tagline, it would be fun to talk to someone like him 😀

PS- Changed the design again. Going hyper-minimalistic now 🙂


5 thoughts on “New look!

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  2. Strong new look! A good one!
    I don’t remember much about the periodic table, but I do like the symbolic representation of truth you chose. For me it seems all encompassing, from zero to infinity! 🙂


    • It is quite intelligent, isn’t it? Last year’s I-won’t-lie resolution actually went pretty well with just a couple of bumps. So I thought I should catch my breath for few months before taking that up again 😉 1st of April, start of financial year, seems like a good day.

      I do think we need to rejig things once in a while. Not just blog but… everywhere. Changing the template would have been.. Surfacial, at best. So… Thought the basic theme should be madeover! Back in college days, I used to rearrange room, fight with someone or format computer to try a new operating system – or, all of that at once. What do you do?


      • Yeah I do that too.. Mainly because I get bored of the same stuff. I rearrange the room, my books, clothes, organize my mail differently, change the layouts, wallpapers etc. All superficial.

        As for a personal shuffle, I try to change some habits from time to time. Like reducing the no. of cups of coffee or alternating to tea. Latest habit I am trying to inculcate is waking up early and going for a walk. Been two weeks and going good. 🙂 I keep reading and trying out new things. They may not always last though! 😦


        • Well… You must try. That is all one can do. Yes, we do disappoint ourselves most of the time. But so what 🙂 Moreover, every single resolution that people take on new years, or whenever, is possible. Juat that we don’t believe in it hard enough.

          Coffee /tea switch is a new one. Didn’t think of it till date.


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